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Marine collagen candy was an ingredient Wellous sought actively to involve itself in due to its many highly beneficial advantages compared to other forms of collagen. It was through extensive research and stringent testing that Wellous came up with M-COLL Collagen Candy.

Quantity Price
2 RM290.00
3 RM410.00
10 RM1,100.00

What separates M-COLL from other collagen products in the market today is that it was produced to be of a lower molecular weight, namely just 1,000 daltons, while most other supplements of the same kind contain 3,000-300,000 daltons. M-COLL has a high absorption rate while others are of the low type. It has been tested and shown to be highly effective whereas others have noticeably lesser results.


Many think that collagen is only good for the skin. But this abundant protein found in our bodies is also beneficial when it comes to our joints and bones.